Month: July 2016

Bit Review: The Way, Way Back (2013)

If you wanted a film in which you hated Steve Carell, then you’ll love The Way, Way Back. Starring as Duncan (Liam James), a teenager who is constantly belittled by his mothers new boyfriend (Steve Carell) and neglected by his mother (Toni Collette). He finds solace in a water park and becomes friend with an employee (Sam Rockwell) who begins to help him regain his confidence after being relocated to a completely new town. 

The film has incredible charm, and intense emotional moments. A coming of age drama mixed with feelings of loneliness, confusion and hurt. Written and directed by Jim Rash and Nat Faxon in their debut, and add their zaney comedic backgrounds to add a strange humour to the film. 

A fantastic cast, and they are wonderful and highly talented, from Sam Rockwell to Maya Rudolph, to AnnaSophia Robb and Allison Janey. Every one in the film is incredible, but Rockwell and James are the stand out performances bringing heart to the film by emphasising their father-son bond. Carell is horrific and dispicable, and when a film manages to make Michael Scott into a hated character that you just want to see fail; then you know it’s a brilliant film. If you ever feel lonely or lost, definitely give this film a watch. 


Bit Review: Elvis & Nixon (2016)

Elvis & Nixon sees Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey play these two legendary figures in a fictionalised story of how the famous photo came about. Shannon as the zany and conservative Elvis whilst Spacey plays Nixon who is challenged by Elvis’ attraction. The film is highly entertaining a lot of fun. The director uses different filters during montages to give a real feel for the 70s of course with the horrendous facial hair.

The only thing that was disappointing was the lack of Nixon and Elvis together, but the film wasn’t long only running at 86 minutes but other than that, it’s a pretty good film. Directed by Liza Johnson in her fourth feature film, and hopefully we’ll see more from Johnson. The supporting cast of course contributed to the charm, Evan Peters, Colin Hanks and Johnny Knoxville were surprisingly funny. Peters especially seems to be excellent as being the surprising comic relief, with his latest roles in X-men as Quicksilver and with Elvis & Nixon. Peters is a huge young talent who is definitely making his way in Hollywood. Alex Pettyfer was bearable but overshadowed by the rest of the talents in the film. So if you’re looking for a fun movie with an excellent cast and incredible soundtrack, then definitely watch Elvis & Nixon.