Bit TV Review: Allo Allo! (1982 – 1992)

Every time I used to visit my Grandma; she would always have ‘Allo Allo! in the background playing. As I grew older, I almost forgot about this old comedy gem until one afternoon switching through the channels and finding it on BBC 2 as part of their ‘Afternoon Classics’ during weekdays.

Growing up I didn’t really understand the humour and I didn’t know why it was so popular. As an adult, I can begin to see some of the humour that they try to attempt. The format of the show is based around a simple, unappealing café owner Rene who tries to remain impartial to his surroundings; which is the Nazis occupying France during the Second World War. Rene becomes an incidental war hero and ladies’ man through being dragged into helping the resistance through various attempts and schemes to get home two British soldiers who are stuck in France. The majority of the series resolves around a similar format in which he reluctantly helps but becomes the hero.

One of the funniest things about the show is definitely the French and German accents that the mostly English cast do, of course it is exaggerated to comedic effect but successfully. Another key area of humour for ‘Allo Allo! is when the English guard undercover in France attempts to do his own French accent and the rest of the cast cannot understand him.The show is essentially making light of a horrible situation that happened in history, and the show lasted almost 10 years constantly on air and was incredibly popular. Whilst it may not be as popular as other wartime comedy Dad’s Army; it was a successful sitcom and rightly so. Even if the laugh track may tend to get annoying at times.


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