Hey, I’ve been so busy this past month as I started a new job, but I’ve also had to work at my old job until they find my replacement. I’m hoping that after I’ve settled into my new job, that I will be able to write better pieces. Hopefully this will be deleted before it gets published, but if not, I am unsure when I will be able to post a new review. It’s a crazy time at my new job, but I should hopefully be able to manage myself soon.

All the best,
Chelichan aka Charlie



This is my first ever post on my new film blogging site. A few years ago (which already makes me sound ancient), I made my own film site but due to idiotic reasons…that I am useless with passwords, I decided to make a new website fresh and new for 2016.

I’m in my second year studying film at Sheffield Hallam, whilst working part time in retail and assisting “The Film Show” on Sheffield Live. All I know at this point in my life, is that I love film and I don’t really know of anything else. My favourite areas in cinema vary as I believe I have a wide taste in cinema, but at the moment I am in awe of Japanese cinema. Specifically anything with Toshiro Mifune or Studio Ghibli, because why not, that’s why.

I hope to develop my skills as a writer but also just rant, that’s why anyone really writes on the internet. So without further adieu, welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy.

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