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Bit Review: The Resident (2011)

Have you ever felt like you were being watched in your own home? Antti Jokinen’s The Resident takes this paranoia to the next level. Part produced by the renowned Hammer Films, in an attempt at reviving the once popular company. The Resident stars Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, with a special cameo from Hammer Alumni and all round people’s favourite Christopher Lee. The film follows Juliet Devereau (Swank) as she searches for a new apartment after breaking up from her boyfriend, Lee Pace, who cheated on her, in her own bed, none the less. Soon, she meets Max (Morgan) who is renovating an apartment and she loves it immediately.

However, this film isn’t the sequel to P.S. I Love You, also starring Morgan and Swank, as it is a thriller which has clear influences from Hitchcock. Almost half way through, we soon find out that Morgan’s character isn’t all he seems and that he is a strong manipulator who is obsessed with Swank. The film should’ve been called P.S. I Stalk You, as it is clear that Swank has her own personal stalker but the main question should be of the identity of Swank’s stalker.

It is tense and you definitely feel paranoid yourself during the film. Don’t watch it by yourself in the dark, as you will start hearing noises and asking yourself if your neighbour is capable of having voyeuristic tendencies. Whilst there are moments of cringe, and just uncomfortable scenes in general, the film itself is enjoyable. It’s a fun, discount version of Rear Window combined with Psycho. It has gore, suspense, sex and everything you’d expect to enjoy a film. It may not be this decade’s best thriller, but it’s an entertaining movie. You needn’t ask for more.



Bit Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Despite all the negatively, Batman vs Superman isn’t as bad as you think. That doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily great. The film starts following Batman and tells his tragic origin in which his parents are murdered in front of him, both of which were played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen both from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Which I was initially disappointed to find that they both were literally only in for a split second as they had much more potential as actors. 

The film features a lot of talented actors, such as Jeremy Irons, Amy Adams, Lawrence Fishbourne but the two prominent figures of the story are obviously Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. Both of which were good in their roles, Affleck brought a maturity to Batman that hasn’t been seen in the screen before (even in Adam West’s portrayal). Cavill’s Superman is clearly different to previous movie portrayals as he is a more darker and selfish character focusing on personal issues than the general public. This isn’t bad, it’s an interesting version of the legendary character but fits into the dark DC world that Nolan helped create in his Batman movies. Both are good in their parts, surprisingly Jesse Eisenberg plays an interesting Lex Luthor and brings a modern edge to him making him a more complicated character and not a one-sided psychopath.

The reason the film has been so badly slated is due to the film being rushed. I am actually a fan of Zack Snyder especially Sucker Punch, but this film was too forced and in moments too meshed together. The cameos of the Justice League, Chris Pine and other characters in the universe is all a build up for future movies and the big Justice League Movie. DC are obviously competing with Marvel, but the success of Marvel is due to years and years of planning. There is a moment in the film, in which it tries too hard to be artistic in a dream sequence which happens to be another dream sequence. The scene is too messed up to be completely understood or even of value, there are many moments like this which is why it feels rushed.

I won’t lie, and say that I hated the film. I’m a huge fan of the superhero genre and Superman is one of my favourites. I liked Affleck’s Daredevil, and thought he was a valid Batman, as well Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Despite being worried about her portrayal, she was credibly and her onscreen as the legend in battle was perhaps one of the best scenes of the movie and her own personalised theme added to the film tremendously. The actors were good, as were the score by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL. Zimmer brought the traditional and grand scale of the Superhero theme but Junkie XL made it more modern to today’s standards. The build up to the big fight in the film, was a major reason into why many disliked it. It was firstly too short, but the resolution was too quick. Batman’s hatred of Superman being resolved by one simply factor (which I won’t spoil).

The film had a huge cast list, and many talented actors but the main focus was of course Batman and Superman. It’s way over two hours long, and maybe should’ve been just under two hours and more condensed for better quality. However, we can hope that the R-Rated version will be more interesting as Snyder will have the freedom that restrains a 12A film. I believe that the theatrical release of the film could’ve been a lot better had it not being rushed, a better script and perhaps a different director. Don’t believe everything you read though, maybe give it a go?